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What is the Gospel?


God is completely set apart from sin and corruption, what is commonly referred to as his holiness. His righteous law comes from his holy character. He is the creator, he has made everything for himself and to make his glory known. Don’t think that God is wrongfully full of himself, he is the only being in existence that has the right to be worshiped. For he is the greatest being, the greatest treasure. For us as well, God is our greatest treasure since he is the greatest thing there is.


Man has fallen from the original state that God had made both male and female. We are born inheriting guilt and a sin nature. We do not need to be taught to lie, steal, cheat, or hate; yet all these things are sin. The greatest sin is not honoring or giving thanks to God as God (the reason we were created). This has separated us from God and we’re under his just wrath.


Jesus Christ came to give his life so that we might be free. He did this to demonstrate the love, mercy, and grace of our great God. He bore God’s wrath so that sinners like you and I can be completely forgiven. He also credits those who believe with his righteous standing. He died and rose publicly with hundreds of eyewitnesses so that we might have confidence in all that he said and taught.


God now calls everyone, everywhere to repent and believe this good news. To repent means to turn from your sin and self-love and self-promotion and to follow Jesus. It is not perfection, but a change in direction. To repent includes believing that Jesus death is sufficient to forgive you of your sin. To believe that if you call out to God for mercy, he can save you because of Christ. Do this, before it’s too late.

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