Glorifying God by pointing people to Jesus Christ, calling them to repent and believe the gospel for the forgiveness of sins.

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We are a group of Christians from various different churches in the Calgary area. We meet on Saturdays to hit the streets and spread the bad news of Sin, and the good news of salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord.

We have a very clear focus in our street evangelism ministry – to glorify God by leading men and women to Jesus Christ, in the hope that it will lead them to repentance & faith in Him alone, by the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit. This focus is delineated in the two messages below. We find them of utmost importance as they speak to the biblical principle we see in God’s sufficient word. Trusting fully in God’s sovereignty in salvation through obedience of communicating the Glorious Gospel in public, we believe, aligns with His means of Grace to save sinners. Romans 10:14-17


Q: Is street preaching biblical or effective today?
A: Yes and Yes. Find out why we believe so by clicking here.

Q: Is the use of a gospel tract biblical?
A: This is why we believe it to be. Click here.

Q: Why evangelize, isn’t that the Pastors duty?
A: Find out why here.

Q: Is follow up practiced?
A: Why not watch this quick tip 🙂

Want to Join Our Team?

We exhort like-minded Pastors & Elders to equip the saints and join us in fulfilling the Great Commission. Ephesians 4:11-13

Please review our Statement of Faith and email questions@calgarypeacemakers.com if you’d like to join our team!