Soul Winner Radio

Soul Winner Radio

Tony Miano and Kevin St. John have a combined 17 years of open-air preaching, street evangelism, and evangelism leadership experience. They both have a passion for Jesus Christ, for edifying and equipping the Body of Christ (the Church), and for reaching the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tony also brings to the table nine years of radio and online program experience, which includes writing and co-hosting 400 episodes of Living Waters’ online show, “Ray Comfort Live” (formerly known as “On the Box”).

Tony and Kevin came up with the idea of “Soul Winner Radio” while engaged in an intense week of street ministry, during the 2015 Calgary Stampede. Kevin came up with the name for the show, which is named after Charles Spurgeon’s classic book by the same name.

With the advent of online radio and podcasting, Christians have rightly taken advantage of the medium to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the masses. There is a whole host of wonderful programming, which daily provides Christians and the unsaved around the world, with solid and biblical preaching, apologetics, worldview analysis, discernment ministries, and encouragement to evangelize the lost.

Without knocking any of the before-mentioned thematic programming, or the wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ who produce it, Tony’s and Kevin’s commitment is to exalt Christ, edify the Church, and evangelize the lost, through Soul Winner Radio, while endeavoring to provide 100% positive content.

Charles Spurgeon, affectionately known as the “Prince of Preachers,” was not one to shy away from controversy. Spurgeon tackled, at the expense of his ministry and his emotional and physical health, a situation known as the “Down-Grade Controversy” ( Spurgeon was rightly and publicly critical of the liberalism and man-centeredness making gains within the churches of England and around the world.

While Spurgeon is rightly credited for his courage and integrity, as well as for his commitment to the authority of Scripture and the purity of the Church, he is best known for his pastoral heart and evangelistic zeal. It is these aspects of the great preacher’s life and ministry that serve as Tony’s and Kevin’s motivation to produce and host Soul Winner Radio. Their hope is that the Lord Jesus Christ will use Soul Winner Radio to bring Himself glory, to encourage and build up the Bride of Christ, and to bring the gospel to people around the world who do not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.